Environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

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The Auditorium hosts various academic and cultural events of the college. It also encourages well-known cultural groups to hold their programmes for the benefit of the students

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The Library is well-stocked and fully-computerized and computer labs in the college is also equipped with teaching aids such as LCD Projectors and Scanners.

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Moving Forward

Campus infrastructure is evolving to support innovative approaches to learning and operations.

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* Library & Information Center

* Computer labs

* Transport

* Hostel

* Sporting facilities


* Workshop/Seminar

* Audio Visual Aids

* PPT Presentation

* Real World Learning

* Scholarship

* Industry Institute Interaction

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma)




  • * 60 Seats


  • * 2 years


  • * Intermediate [PCM/PCB]


  • * Rs.50100/-


Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.



Audio Visual Aids

Audio Visual Aids

PPT Presentation

PPT Presentation


workshop Seminar

Real World Learning

Real World Learning

Industrial Training

Industrial Training

College Computer Lab

All the computers in the building are connected in LAN and provided with the internet facility

College Computer Lab is well furnished, centrally located and is equipped with the state-of-the-art computing resources and peripherals. High Speed Internet facility is available to cater to the academic as well as personal requirements of the students. The infrastructure of Computer lab comprises a wide network connecting machines on similar / diversified platforms. The computer network provides ease of access of 60 nodes sharing different hardware and software resources.

The hardware of the computers comprises of branded printers, copiers, projectors and scanners. The software resources include a wide range of tools and software to provide students the best practices of Information Technology. Students are allowed to access the internet for procuring the information to enhance their skills and studies. Since college campus is Wi-Fi campus, students can access internet anywhere in the campus.


Book Bank is providing all subject books

The COLLEGE library has good collection of books, journals and magazines both national and international including e-journals. COLLEGE library, with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services, fills an essential role for students, faculty, and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. The Library facilitates knowledge resource predominantly related to management and allied subjects.

The entire Library collection including the e-books and the online databases are made available through Institute's network. Students and faculty members can access the online databases and also find out the real-time accessibility of library resources from their own computer terminals. The Library offers a range of information services to support the culture process-set to the highest professional standards.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.

State-of-the-art Conference Hall provides the right ambience for Student Development Activities, Management Development Programs, Faculty Development Programs and Brainstorming Sessions, Workshops and Short term Training Programs and also for cultural Programs.

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